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Here at Sport and Spinal Physiotherapy our sport specialists have vast experience of working with professional athletes. Therefore we understand that as a working athlete payment is dependent upon performance, however an injury can have a detrimental effect upon your working life. At Sport and Spinal Physiotherapy our experienced sports physiotherapists can provide injured / recovering athletes with a return to sport service. Your physiotherapist will conduct a thorough assessment of your current level of ability and provide you with and advice on exercises which will help promote the restoration of your ultimate physical peak. The aim of our return to sport service is to get you back to practicing your sport at the level you previously were pre-injury as quick as possible. Your physiotherapist will also advise you on preventative measures you can take in order to prevent the re-occurrence of injury in the future.

To find out more or to arrange an appointment with us please call us on 07734054192 or send an e-mail to office@sportandspinalphysio.co.uk

Return Sport Service

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We are always happy to answer any questions you might have. Call us on 07734054192 or send an e-mail to office@sportandspinalphysio.co.uk.

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We are based in Northern Ballet in central Leeds.

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