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"Real in depth knowledge, great advice and support, even when nothing seemed to be happening, it was, and now starting to make leaps forward, even though I'm impatient. Very caring and bespoke treatments and exercise schedules. Highly recommended for serious back / spinal problems."

Robin Luscombe

"Thank you for everything over the last 18 months. You have been a solid support for me on a medical and personal level. You've kept me positive and focused through what has been the hardest physical struggle of my life. I would not have done it without your help. Thank you thank you thank you. You are a bloody amazing physio Liz."

Steve Jackman

"After years of searching it has been fantastic to find a Physiotherapist who despite the complexity of my problems has given me hope that I can make improvements to my day to day living. The treatment has been very proactive and I am now beginning to understand some of the root causes to the pain, mobility problems and weaknesses that I experience. It has given me continued motivation to 'keep going'.

The service is always professional both in terms of customer service but also knowledge - I really appreciate it.

Despite the need to travel to Leeds I would highly recommend The Sport and Spinal Physiotherapy service and am delighted that I am able to use the services."

Thank you!

Carla Willis

"Sometimes in life you are fortunate to meet the right person at the right time, this is how I feel about meeting Liz Atha.

I went from being an active relatively fit and healthy person to discovering I needed a 3 level cervical fusion, which is basically a titanium plate replacing part of my spine.

Liz and her team specialise in spinal physiotherapy and after considering myself fortunate in the first instance to have been directed to a great Consultant in Mr Pal he recommended Liz.

This lady not only got me moving again, she gave me confidence to try anything she asked of me. With the help of her sessions I have continued to improve. I then discovered I had a tear and impingement in my shoulder and another operation loomed, however with her help and time to talk it over that too is now on the back burner.

As a foot note, my 83 year old Father, who will not see or be treated by anyone if he can help it, finally gave in and saw Liz re: his arthritis in his neck. Not only has he been back for follow up sessions by choice, his words were "she is ok that lass, she knows her stuff", which let me assure you is high praise indeed.

I would recommend her to anyone with any physiotherapy need at all. She will tell you if she thinks she can help. She gives you the confidence to face whatever may come your way.

I end as I began by saying I do feel lucky to have found her.

Thank you

Janet Sobanska

"Dear Liz

Following a recommendation by a family member, I arranged a consultation with you as a I had noticed that my running technique was progressively changing and I was feeling discomfort with my left knee.

Within approximately 20 minutes of my first consultation, you not only confirmed that I was suffering from Plantar Fasciitis but also identified that, as a consequence of a previous injury, my left leg was indeed much weaker and the cause of my running and knee problems. By diagnosing the latter, you not only identified a problem that other professionals had failed to identify going back several years but also alleviated further stress to the affected areas.

Following the next 6months I saw you approximately every 5 weeks where you assessed my progress and instigated different exercises, which I could undertake at home or at the gym in conjunction with my personal trainer.

I am pleased that you have now 'signed me off' as a consequence of my Plantar Fasciitis being cured and my affected leg being stronger with my running gate back to normal but, more importantly, I am confident that you have alleviated more serious issues had this been left undiagnosed.

Should I require any physio in the future, I would have no hesitation in returning to you and would certainly be more than happy to recommend you from anyone suffering an injury being sports or otherwise in order to use the services of a caring and professional physiotherapist.

Yours sincerely

Ian Barber

"I have had sustaining help and practical advice for several years now from Liz Atha the physiotherapist at Northern Ballet.

I have needed this because I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Over the past few years I have needed two total knee joint replacements and also re-constructive forefoot surgery on both feet. Relatively recently I have been diagnosed with spinal curvature and back pain.

Liz helps me work with the pain and stiffness, to maintain as high a level of fitness as is possible for me and to do exercises that are suitable for me and adapted. She is also very quick to spot what is changing and when I need another intervention from a different professional.

She delivers an accessible , flexible and supportive service which helps me with my long- term illness. "


"I went to Liz & her team at Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy following corrective surgery for a 30 year old ankle injury.The expertise, professionalism, care & personal interest provided by Liz & Jane was integral to my recovery. I truly admire & I'm very thankful for their persistence, honesty & confidence in a positive outcome for me. I was given great advice & realistic time frames in which to achieve results. My ankle is continually improving & it's all thanks to the hard, thoughtful work by Liz, Jane & the team at Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy.I can't praise them highly enough & was very fortunate to be referred to them."

One very happy patient, Mark Sofilas

"Having suffered for the last 18 months with a severe back problem and having tried other forms of treatment with no success, Liz Atha was recommended to me as a specialist spinal injuries physio. Liz got me back on my feet and walking properly again and pain free. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done. I have my life back on track."

Carol Jefferson

"I would like to give a massive thanks to Liz for all the hard work she has done in getting me back to work after 12 months off with an acute lower back problem. I previously was under the guidance of another physio for over 3 months and wasnt getting any better and after changing to Liz in March 2013, i am now in a position to return to work in June. Thankyou Liz and i promise to keep up with all the excercises to maintain the great work you have done!"

Shaun Bainbridge, Male, Aged 50

To find out more or to arrange an appointment with us please call us on 07734054192 or send an e-mail to office@sportandspinalphysio.co.uk


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