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Sport and Spinal physio provide a wide variety of physiotherapy services to treat individuals suffering from acute or chronic pain. Our physiotherapists are highly qualified and specialise in sports, dance and spinal physiotherapy.


Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession which looks at maximising the functions of the human body. Physiotherapists take a holistic approach on their patients with an aim to rehabilitate or prevent injury with the use of the correct treatment techniques to help reach their peak potential in the process.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is an individually tailored treatment method which has evolved from traditional Pilates.

Clinic appointments

Our physiotherapists are available for bookings that best suit your needs. At Sport and Spinal physio we maintain flexible diaries in order for you to make appointments when best suits your diary. Instant bookings of specialised physiotherapists that supply a high level of service are available now.

Gym appointments

Gym appointments can be made to cater for your individual needs. Our physiotherapists adapt a flexible approach in order for their clients to reach their goals in an environment that suits them.

Injury prevention

Our physiotherapists understand the importance of maintaining an injury free life. The role of our Sport and Spinal physiotherapists is to minimise the potential of injury whilst maximising the quality of life.

Functional movement screening

Functional movement screening is a service widely used in the prevention of injury to sports participants. Our physiotherapists will analyse the functional patterns with a holistic view of the client with an aim of preventing injury and increasing sporting performance.

Dance screening

At Sport and Spinal physio we employ specialised physiotherapists that conduct dance screening solely with the purpose to prevent injury and prolong the dancer's career whilst educating the need to perform correct functional movements to reach their maximum potential.

Personal Injuries

We provide a legal-medico service for those that have been involved in a an accident that wasn't their fault. We provide the best possible care for those that need it with updates to insurance companies from highly trained professional physiotherapists.

Exercise programmes

At Sport and Spinal physio our specialised physiotherapists will work with you to reach your desired level of fitness with an exercise programme tailored to your needs, aims, and goals whether you're an elite athlete or just starting out.

Physiotherapy assessment and report

Here at Sport and Spinal physio we provide an assessment and report service as we understand the need for our clients to gather their treatment information in order to provide evidence of the on-going or completed treatment plans for future recommendations.

Return to sport service

Our physiotherapists offer a return to sport service for all individuals as we understand the importance of conditioning the body against injury whether you are an elite athlete or a sport participant simply for the enjoyment. This injury prevention service tool is designed to target rehabilitation so that you can carry out everyday scenarios as well as in a sporting environment.


Rehabilitation is best described as restoring something back to its original state. Here at Sport and Spinal physio our specialised physiotherapists have extensive knowledge and experience in providing the upmost and precise rehabilitation methods to aid in the recovery process. The evidence based practice, combined with the aim to minimise pain and gradually increase functional activity has a positive effect on the speed of our client's recovery.

To find out more or to arrange an appointment with us please call us on 07734054192 or send an e-mail to office@sportandspinalphysio.co.uk


Get in touch

We are always happy to answer any questions you might have. Call us on 07734054192 or send an e-mail to office@sportandspinalphysio.co.uk.

Where we work

We are based in Weetwood Hall + 5 Star Fitness in Wetherby.

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