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Taping & Strapping

Taping and strapping is applied to an area on of the body with the purpose of limiting movement whilst stabilising the area to prevent injury and limit any further injury to an area. Everybody presents differently so an assessment with one of our specialist physiotherapists will enable them to adjust the taping and strapping accordingly.

Taping and strapping is frequently applied to conditions such as ankle and wrist sprains and shoulder injuries. The most frequently taped joint is the ankle as this joint can become unstable due to the impact it endures on a daily basis. Evidence suggests that through taping and strapping it can help to avoid and prevent injury.

Our physiotherapists have a vast amount of experience in taping and strapping. It is very much a subjective treatment and it will be based around the feedback of yourself and what you feel comfortable with.

Benefits of taping and strapping

  • Limits swelling
  • Aids in biomechanical reinforcements
  • Stabilises joints
  • Prevents further injuries
  • Enhances proprioception awareness
  • Psychological affects
  • Protects soft tissue structures

Taping and strapping can be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment following an injury or it can be applied if no injury has occurred and if you feel that the joint needs some form of stabilisation. The physiotherapists can also use strengthening techniques and mobility techniques to increase the range of movement of the joints so that when the taping and strapping is applied it is to stabilise the joint following treatment.

If you have suffered an injury or would like to book an assessment with one of our physiotherapists then call us on 07734054192 or send an e-mail to office@sportandspinalphysio.co.uk

Taping and Strapping

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